1. Poly fabric covering furniture pads

Covering material: Polyester fabric
Standard size: 72"x80"
Weight: approx. 58lbs/dozen, 75lbs/dozen, 86lbs/dozen, 93lbs/dozen
Color: dark blue/light blue, or customized










2.Non woven covering furniture pads

Covering material: Non woven material
Standard size: 60"x80", 72"x80"
Weight:  approx.58lbs per dozen (bundle)
Color:   blue/blue, or customized






3.Felt pads

Material: recycled synthetic fiber
Standard size: 54"x72"
Weight: approx. 15lbs per dozen(bundle)
Color: black, white, grey







4.Burlap skin

Covering material: Poly fabric on one side and burlap on the other side
Standard size: 54"x72"








5. Packing

Standard package is 12 pads per dozen (bundle), compressed and wrapped with plastic bags, or can be customized as per special requirements